printing technique

Dusk, Tatami-Ishi, Kumejima, Japan 2001

This place is 'Tatami- Ishi', or pentagonal stones. I took this photo just after dusk. I could barely see the scene through the camera lens, except for the city lights, which stood out. It took millions of years for this part of the earth to rise to the surface, and the Tatami-Ishi reminded me of that prehistoric time. A modern city along the horizon didn't belong there. The straight print is unbalanced, too dark in areas and too light in others.

I retouched the city lights, as well as filled in a rock on the right hand side. The tones were lightened along the left side of the scene, paying extra attention to the lower and upper left. I also darkened the right hand horizon and upper right corner to balance the scene. I love the elements of this image: the glow of a dwindling sun, a movement of the cloud and a stillness to the water which melts into the beautiful, repeating elements in the foreground.