printing technique

Study 82, 680/24 Interchange, CA 1999

The straight print. This is what the negative recorded. When I saw the interaction of the freeway supports, I thought of them like how musical notes would look on an oscilloscope. The various pitches of soundwaves standing out, glowing with energy. The photo on the right does not convey those feelings at all.

This print is at the middle stage. I have achieved my feelings about the subject, though there are stray bits throughout the image, as if a violinist misses some notes during a solo. There are too many distractions, such as the white horizontal pipe on the lower left. Removal of these things is necessary to complete the image.
Voila! The finished image, toned and retouched. This is how the highway supports appeared to me when making the negative. The concrete supports feel like the powerful notes of Tocatta and Fugue in D minor, by J.S. Bach.